Hello Folks

Born and bred out of the love for coffee and everything that goes with it! At Folk Coffee we have a strong heritage in coffee roasting and we are the proud distributors for Espresso Concepts who have been mastering their roasts for over 30 years. They select the best beans available from around the world and roast them locally in Cape Town, South Africa.

In our quest to create the perfect cup of coffee we organically joined forces with many other quality partners and suppliers both locally and from around the world.

We have carefully selected, and then tried and tested our machinery and coffee gear products in the field. This hands on ability gives us great joy and also confidence that we can offer you, your household or your business the best possible coffee solution.

Contact us today for your personal, home, restaurant, coffee van, corporate or event needs and we'll glad to help!

Life is way too short for bad coffee...

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